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ZENIMAL: Shedding Stuff, Consensus and BTC

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Bryan B. Solstin
Jamie Renell
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Shedding stuff is preparation for something more important. Zenimal begins with meditation and ends with Bitcoin. Meditation builds consensus skills. Consensus is scalable. Money is a macro consensus. Bitcoin is the most resilient macro consensus. Satoshi Nakamoto’s breakthrough solved the double spend problem. When Satoshi claimed the solution, the cypherpunk community didn’t believe him. We now know Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention is more than resilient. Bitcoin is the pristine decentralized, cryptocurrency comprising: 21 million Bitcoin scarcity asset x 100 million sats, and a decentralized network. Satoshi combined multiple technologies: Merkle trees, private key cryptography, public key cryptography and the novel blockchain integrated with a proof-of-work detailed in his white paper. Satoshi combined all these elements into a decentralized solution solving the double spend problem. Bitcoin is macro consensus without intermediaries. Unlike fiat, Bitcoin is incorruptible.

Author Bio:

Bryan B Solstin is a software developer, aerospace propulsion engineer and US patent agent. In 2017, Bryan fell down the proverbial Bitcoin rabbit hole. Bryan leans libertarian and is passionate about sustainable design and conservation. His past time is bicycling the Greater Seattle area and networking with technologists. 


Zenimal provides a unique perspective that shows why meditation, minimalism and environmentalism are congruent with Bitcoin. 

Review Source:

Jeff Booth, Best Selling author of “The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the key to an Abundant Future.”


Author: Bryan B. Solstin

Narrators: Jamie Renell

Publishers: Bryan B. Solstin

Copyright: 2021 Bryan B. Solstin

Audiobook Release Date: 9/3/21

Original Release Date: 8/27/2021

Running Time: 03:02:35

ISBN: 9781953598394


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