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The Seminarian

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Patrick Parr
Brad Sanders
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Martin Luther King Jr. was a cautious nineteen-year-old rookie preacher when he left Atlanta, Georgia to attend seminary up north. Immediately at Crozer Theological Seminary, King, or 'ML' back then, found that he was surrounded by a white staff and white professors. Even his dorm room had once been used by wounded Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. His fellow seminarians were almost all older; soldiers who'd fought in World War II, pacifists who'd chosen to resist fighting. Young and alone, it would take the friendships of Walter McCall, Horace Whitaker and the mentorship of Rev. J. Pius Barbour to begin to grow in this new environment. During seminary, ML was a prankster and a late-night, chain-smoking pool player who fell in love with a white woman while facing discrimination from students and the surrounding area of Chester, Pennsylvania. In class, ML performed well, but started a habit of plagiarizing that extended throughout his academic career. Between the years 1948-1951, ML King Jr. delivered dozens of sermons around the Philadelphia area, had a gun pointed at him twice, and eventually became student body president. In the end, his experiences at Crozer shaped him into a man ready to take on even greater challenges. THE SEMINARIAN is the first full-length narrative and definitive account of MLK’s years as a divinity student at Crozer Theological Seminary. Long passed over by biographers and historians, this three-year period in King’s life was vital in preparing him for his difficult road ahead.

Author Bio: Patrick Parr's first book was The Seminarian: Martin Luther King Jr. Comes of Age, a 2019 Washington State Book Award finalist. The book was the culmination of five years of research, which included more than a dozen interviews with friends who'd known King during his years at Crozer Theological Seminary (1948-1951).

Author: Patrick Parr

Narrator: Brad Sanders

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781945213823

Total Runtime: 7:43:57

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