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The Emperor’s Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars

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Lloyd Darland
Michael Driggs
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Title Synopsis: In The Emperor’s Clothes, Lloyd Darland explains how the Federal Reserve works to steal your money through inflation, and he describes the fraud and illegalities of the Federal tax system. He uses easy-to-understand analogies, simple language and a little bit of history to make his case that the U.S. government has committed what he calls megafraud on the American people.

Author Bio:  One hundred and seventy years after the founding of our Country, Mr. Darland entered West Point, where the motto of “Duty, Honor, Country” was more than just three words on an emblem. Though he graduated in the top third of his class, he was more a man of action than of contemplation. Married on graduation day, he and his wife, Lois raised a family of four children. His work as a youth caused him to be a union member— first in the construction trades and later as a meat cutter. While in the Armed Forces, he became an expert in weapons and explosives. As a project officer working with nuclear weapons, he had TOP SECRET clearance. He was a quality control engineer for the Air Force and an operations research analyst for the Army, specializing in cost and economic analysis in the logistics section of an analysis agency. After he retired, he became self-employed. But there is more to life than work. He was a Sunday school teacher in the Methodist Church where he was a member. He designed and built a major addition on his home. He got his pilot’s license. He did significant volunteer work in the Maryland prison system, organizing and teaching the first economics class ever presented within the penitentiary walls. He served on the board of directors of the Harford County Gifted and Talented Association and as a lecturer in economics at the Harford Community College. He was a firm believer in the ideals that made this Country great and was dedicated to freedom, personal responsibility and the free enterprise system. Mr. Darland passed away on August 8, 2011, at the age of 84.

Author: Lloyd Darland

Narrator: Michael Driggs

Copyright: Copyright © 2022 The Bob Livingston Letter™

Running Time: 02:03:42

ISBN: 9781959162315

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