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The Black in the Box Mentality

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Gary Manuel
Vladimir F. Louissaint
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Title Synopsis:

The birth of his IVF miracle baby born at 23 weeks 5-day gestation and weighing less than 1 pound has inspired the author to write a step-by-step heartfelt guide. Which has been included in this book, leading people to credit repair and an easier life based on the author's own experiences. Follow the journey of a black male with ADHD, some substance abuse, bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts in his youth to eventually defeating THE BLACK IN THE BOX MENTALITY. "The Box" has crept into most suburban youth of all nationalities, but the author debunks this victimization mentality in hopes of saving lives by defusing police encounters and kicking substance abuse. He shares how using his developed running back football skills helped him to earn his way onto a couple of college football teams, how to acquire multiple properties, and learning uncommon hands-on lessons to achieve the American dream. The theme of his journey is modest and frugal means to achieving wealth.

Author Bio:

Gary Manuel is a transformational life coach, self-made entrepreneur, owner of multiple properties in three different states, proud provider of housing rentals for military members, and MGM Resorts limo driver. He grew up in Pacoima in California's San Fernando Valley, where he challenged THE BLACK IN THE BOX MENTALITY victimization, not allowing its destructive nature to overtake his life and encouraging friends and family to do the same. He worked to achieve the American Dream, becoming a scholar athlete, but ran into some trouble after experimenting with drugs and being arrested for a minor offense. He was broke with only pocket change when he moved himself and his two children to Las Vegas in 1996, driving a used VW Bug with no air conditioning. He had a dream of becoming a thriving success and turned his life completely around by embracing responsibility, enjoying sobriety, and earning multiple awards through various careers. As a dedicated father and husband, he was inspired by his daughter with cerebral palsy to do uncommon things to achieve newfound wealth in the real-estate industry. Gary is the father of two adult children from his first marriage and two younger children with his current wife. He currently resides in Nevada and enjoys gardening, various projects, and spending time with his family.


The writer wrote about his own life-changing journey, many topics we all can relate to. The book has many inspiring comeback stories, and amazing advancements. A motivating self help book which can change the mind set & life of the readers. 

 -Lisa Lisa

A bundle of all elements of mixed emotions I’ve endured in reading.

A Good Read!
I must say how I respect the Author “courageous” of sharing his long life-story, from his past problematic to conquering a successful achievement.
A read that can lead to self check, “Box Mentality”!?!
This book represents determination, perseverance, conquering, goals, achievements, warfare and spirituality.
As the final settlement: Loving is doing and doing is Forgiveness.
All Good things- comes from the “Blessings Of The Lord”    -Johanna Mines-Carlton

I love the transparency of the journey; though detailed and uncomfortable to read at times, it was clear the authors motive was driven by the freedom of broken chains, a love for people, and a heart felt desire to educate and as he often said in the book "share the love".....enjoyed it immensely.   -Amazon Customer

Author: Gary Manuel

Narrator: Vladimir F. Louissaint

Copyright: Copyright 2021 by Gary Manuel

Running Time: 05:09:16

ISBN: 9781953598684

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