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Suddenly Psychic

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Gregory Kompes
Jamie Renell
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Suddenly Psychic: Core Messages to Enhance Your Psychic Journey by Gregory A. Kompes is written to assist those who find themselves suddenly psychic. You are not alone in the sudden discovery of your new abilities. There are many just like you and many more to follow. The goal in these pages is to help you move forward on your psychic journey. The Suddenly Psychic Core Messages help explain your psychic skills and abilities, plus help you better understand how our world operates and how we fit into and help expand our universe. The Core Messages were introduced to Gregory by his collection of guides, angels, and the spirit entities that he's come into contact with through his own experiences of meditation and the hundreds of public and private personal psychic readings he's experienced with friends, family, and clients.


Author: Gregory Kompes

Narrator: Jamie Renell

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781949278750

Total Runtime: 3:11:18

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