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Fake Righteousness

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Phil Conner
Phil Conner
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Title Synopsis:

You have accepted Jesus as your Savior.  So what?

Many of us grew up in a Christian home, so we know right from wrong. We have an inkling of the 10 commandments. Sure, we try to be good and do the best we can most of the time. But there's still a nagging voice inside:

  • Will I ever be good enough?
  • How much should I give?
  • What must I do to be saved?
  • I am a Christian, so why do I still feel so much anxiety?

In this short, but power-packed book, Phil Conner explores the Christian walk in a fresh new way that gives hope to those of us who have felt trapped.  We have salvation by grace, but we're burdened by the constant work to do right and be accepted. Richly peppered throughout with scripture, stories, and tactics to silence your inner lawyer and pharisee, this book can serve as a personal devotional or a map for small group discussions leading to real freedom in Jesus. We are in bigger trouble than we think, but we have more hope than we realize.

Author Bio:

Phil Conner is a husband and father of two sons. He has served as a Bible teacher and lay leader in his church. Phil writes with clarity, compassion, and humility.

Author: Phil Conner

Narrator:  Phil Conner

Publisher: iumbic

Copyright: 2023 Phil Conner

Running Time: 03:02:30

ISBN: 9781963082043

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