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Beauty of a Lifetime (volume 1)

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Lian Qing Xi Xue
Yiqiao Wang
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Title Synopsis:

皇帝欲立亲生女儿为后,天理难容!皇后隐忍十一载只为被废,匪夷所思!只可怜那天下无数英雄,却败给了一名弱女子!战乱将起,而起因是你!你何其忍心!天下分合,何时是我一个弱女子所能左右? 《一世红颜(上下)》带你走进一段复杂的后宫争斗之中。

The emperor sought to make his own daughter empress, but this violates the Mandate of Heaven! The empress endured humiliation for eleven years only to be deposed, unthinkable! It's lamentable that countless heroes of the realm were defeated by a frail woman! War is imminent, yet you say I triggered it? How can you be so heartless! The unity and division of the realm, how could it be influenced by a powerless woman like me? Beauty of a Lifetime (Parts I & II) takes you into the complex struggle within the imperial harem.

Author Bio:

怜情惜雪,本名刘松华,女,山东省作家协会会员,东明县作家协会副主席,国网山东省电力公司东明县供电公司法律专工。熟悉她的人都知道,她不仅作品写得好,还是一个汉服文化的传承者。 Lian Qing Xi Xue, female, is a member of the Shandong Writers Association, Vice Chairman of the Dongming County Writers Association in China, and legal specialist at the Shandong Electric Power Company Dongming County Power Supply Company under the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company.

Title: 一世红颜  Beauty of a Lifetime Volume 1

Author: 怜情惜雪 Lian Qing Xi Xue

Narrator: 王艺桥 Yiqiao Wang

Publisher: 中文在线集团 COL Group

Running Time: 13.28 hr

ISBN: 9781962317061

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