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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Recording an Audio Tour

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Recording an Audio Tour

Sep 16th 2021

Audio tours are an innovative guide for museums, universities, and the tourism industry. As a narrator, you have the power to keep the crowd interested or inattentive. Whether recording your audio tour or hiring an independent publisher, the voiceover needs to be well-executed.

The secret to providing your crowd or attraction with splendid audio tours is avoiding common mistakes publishers make. At Lantern Studios, you will have access to high-quality recording technology to get a crisp and clear audio tour recording.

So, what are the top slip-ups to avoid dealing with recording and producing an audio tour?

1. Mouth Smacks

You can imagine hearing mouth clicks and snaps in museum audio tours! Irritating, right? Your crowd will not be impressed with an audio tour or voiceover that keeps being interrupted by swallowing noises and snaps. The reason for these sounds is recording with a dry mouth.

To avoid mouth clicks, drink water or chew gum before the recording session starts. Lantern Audio authors know how to dodge these audio tour blunders, and the publishers ensure they edit or erase these mouth noises.

2. Sticking with the Wrong Tone

Audio tours need to highlight every detail and mood. Your listeners need to connect with the mood and setting of every paragraph. Hence, make every character or description different.

Similarly, if a piece of art sets a nostalgic attitude, you can use a sentimental voiceover to help the crowd relate to the art. Getting into character when recording an audio tour will help you choose the best tone.

3. Accents and Pronunciations

Not every audio tour author can get away with an accent. So, if you have a strong accent, it is better to hire an independent publishing company to record your audio tours. If you cannot execute an accent perfectly, do not use it as it will sound forced.

Another mistake to avoid is the mispronunciation of words. When working with Lantern Audio, the producers and publishers will help you look up any mispronounced words.

4. Zero Expression in the Voice

You should avoid a monotone voice in an audio recording as it will make the audio tour dull. Some members of museum crowds have complained of audio tours that are monotonous and have no expression. It would be best if you also evaded using a condescending tone or a half-soaked voice.

5. Failing to Record at a Consistent Volume Level

Listening to an audio tour that keeps changing in volume can be problematic. Instead of trying to compensate for the variation in sound, you should get it right on the first take. When recording your own audio tours, you should work with a publisher who has experience in this area.

6. Poor Audio Quality

The audio quality of your voiceover or audio tour will determine how pleasant it sounds to the public. If you want to maintain the attention of listeners, you need a great recording that is rich in sound and crisp in clarity. Thus, when hiring a professional publishing company, make sure they use high-quality equipment for an outstanding result.

Lacking to Hire an Independent Publisher

Independent publishing is the best option for audio recording and distribution. An expert knows exactly what to say and how to say it to ensure they grasp the crowd’s attention from the first paragraph to the last. An independent author will neither use a lazy nor pompous tone.

Why Choose Lantern Audio for Audio Production Services?

Narration may seem like an easy job for every author, but it isn’t! There are way too many do’s and don’ts for every audio tour. To be on the safe side, always trust content creation connoisseurs. Are you in need of recording and post-production services? Call Lantern Audio today.

With Lantern Audio, you will never have to worry about mistakes at your next recording session! We handle every step of the process from initial directions to delivery of the final product so no errors occur during production.

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