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About Lantern Audio

Lantern Audio started with one simple goal…to handle our partners’ needs more thoughtfully, collaboratively, and thoroughly than anyone else. Known for “getting it done no matter what,” our expertise is leading change across the landscape from production and talent to an impressive portfolio of publishers and independent authors around the globe. From our beginnings in audiobook production, we’ve grown to be a leader in creating content, recruiting world class talent, and building state-of-the-art studios that meet any creative need in today’s entertainment industry. We provide seamless, integrated access to the highest quality production and technology that can deliver dynamic results across any creative or publishing platform.

Our Philosophy
Our legacy of building and bringing creative businesses to the marketplace inspires us to collaborate and cultivate exceptional endeavors for our clients and their audiences. We’re leading the way in by shining a light on artistry, excellence, expertise, and innovation.

Our Blog

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