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What An Audio Tour Can Do For Your Museum

What An Audio Tour Can Do For Your Museum

Jan 18th 2022

Museum directors are constantly looking for new ways to improve their museums. Typically, museums run on one of two different sources of income. They are either funded by the state, which means that they receive their primary funding from state funds allocated for museums, as well as private donations; or they receive their primary income from ticket sales, memberships, and private donations. Either way, it's important for museums to prove their worth by attracting and engaging with as many visitors as possible. If you're looking for new "perks" that will allow your museum to stand out, an audio tour could be a great way to start. But why, you may ask?

1. They Demystify Museums

One of the main reasons why people often feel disconnected from museums or only visit once, is that they feel disconnected from what they're looking at. Whether your museum features art or science, it can be difficult for people to fully comprehend what they're looking at unless it's explained to them. An audio tour can do that.

2. They're Less Distracting

One of the reasons why you should offer audio tours rather than tours led by traditional tour guides is that they're less distracting for other visitors. It's difficult to ignore a tour guide leading visitors around a museum. But an audio tour is reliant on headphones, and unobtrusive.

3. They're Self-Directed

Another benefit of an audio tour versus a traditional tour is that audio tours are self-directed. It's much easier for you to guide yourself through an audio tour. You won't have to visit sites that you don't particularly want to see, skipping them as you wish, and you won't need to linger over something that you're ready to move on from. With sound traveling at a speed of 770 miles per hour, you definitely won't be spending too much time on an audio tour if you don't want to!

4. They Promote Engagement

A major reason why you should offer audio tours at your museum is that they promote engagement. People will actually know what they're looking at, bonding with your museum in a way. This will bring them coming back for me, and perhaps even considering becoming a member.

There are so many benefits to adding an audio tour to your museum. If you're considering it for your museum, make sure to contact Lantern Audio today and discover how we can help you record your tour.

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