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What Do Audiobook Listeners Love?

What Do Audiobook Listeners Love?

Feb 15th 2022

Audiobooks are very popular. People like audio versions of books for many reasons, and the market is quickly growing. But what do these listeners love about this medium? What is it that makes them choose to spend money with audiobook publishers instead of reading the books in paper or ebook form? Here are a few things that audiobook listeners value.

Skilled Narrators

Listening to an audiobook is essentially having somebody tell you a story. If there is a bad narrator, it can ruin the whole experience. However, a skilled narrator can enhance the story and transport you in a way you can't get anywhere else. Audiobook publishers know this, so they hire the best narrators they can find. Many voice actors also train specifically as audiobook narrators, bringing talent and a good reputation to the job with them. Sometimes there are multiple narrators for a book, while other times it is just one person. But regardless, audiobook listeners love a good narrator.

Flexibility When Listening

One thing that audiobook listeners love is the fact that they can do so many different things as they listen to their favorite books. People drive, do chores, and work their jobs while still listening to books they enjoy. 60% of respondents have a smart speaker, which is a popular way of listening to audiobooks while doing other things. This helps them get through more books and enjoy the time that might otherwise be boring. With audiobook publishers putting out more books each year, there is more and more for audiobook listeners to enjoy as they do mundane, everyday tasks.

Good Production

As with narrators, audiobook listeners love when a book has good production values. This includes clean narration, careful editing, and proper sound design. Listening to an audiobook is its own experience and you don't want anything to break you out of the story. Good sound design will help you hear every word of the narration, as well as keep the volume of the story consistent no matter what is happening on the page.

Audiobooks are very popular. The market grows every year as more and more people discover the benefits of listening to their books as they go throughout their busy lives. Audiobook listeners love their audiobooks. They also love very specific things about them. With these three aspects being among listeners favorites, having them in an audiobook can only improve its chances of success.

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