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What You Should Know About The Audiobooks Industry

What You Should Know About The Audiobooks Industry

Jan 18th 2022

Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular with 57% of audiobook listeners under the age of 45. Audiobooks are a great way to get the information you want while doing other things like driving or working out. Reading while driving has been proven to be detrimental to your health. It is also difficult to work out with a book in your hand, not to mention the strain it has on your eyes. Here's what you should know about the audiobook industry.

They Appeal to More People

Another advantage of audiobooks is that they can be enjoyed by those who don't like reading. Reading books has always had a fantastic reputation, but the fact is that many people do not enjoy reading. Now, with audiobooks, they can "read" a book without reading. Listening to an audiobook is better than not reading at all. People like Elon Musk regularly listen to audiobooks. With what he has accomplished, audiobooks are what they are cracked up to be.

There Are Different Platform Options

Many platforms such as Amazon Kindle and ACX are popular platforms for you to publish your audiobooks on. Traditional publishers are not that in demand anymore with the sheer amount of self-publishing options and resources out there. Independent publishing is another option. An independent or indie publisher is one that runs its own business rather than being a part of a larger organization or conglomerate.

You Can Work With Indie Publishers to Publish Your Audiobook

You'll find that the majority of independent publishers have their own set of niches they focus on. Nonfiction, e-books, essay writing, culture, and so on are only a few examples. There's no end to the list. They offer print publishing, but in a competitive market, most also offer audiobook publishing. Because of more personalized service, indie publishers are a great option for publishing an audiobook.

Audiobook Recording Offers Flexibility

Because everything is done digitally, modern technology has made the expense of publishing an audiobook reasonable for independent writers. Authors and narrators sometimes collaborate on a royalty-splitting arrangement, which reduces the writer's initial costs. That has made audiobooks even more appealing. If you have the venue, equipment, and voice, then recording your own audiobooks is also an option.

Whatever the case may be, the audiobook industry is still changing. The possibilities out there are endless, and that may be a good reason to get involved in the audiobook industry. Audiobooks are here to stay.

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