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Why You Need The Help Of Audiobook Distributors If You're Trying To Get Your Work Out

Why You Need The Help Of Audiobook Distributors If You're Trying To Get Your Work Out

Nov 22nd 2021

Audiobooks offer an advantage over traditionally published works, and audiobook distributors specialize in getting your work in the hands of the audience. There is no denying that audiobooks have become very popular, especially with young adult readers that are navigating hectic lifestyles.

The Popularity of Audiobooks

Today, there are so many available entertainment options, and audiobooks fit into today's lifestyles easier since audiobooks allow for multi-tasking. People can listen in while they are driving or they can put in their headphones and turn on their devices and listen while traveling, folding laundry, or even making dinner.

Audiobooks allow users to enjoy work while keeping up with a fast-paced lifestyle. Users may not be able to travel at the speed of sound, which is 1130 feet per second, but they can listen to their audiobook while going about their daily tasks. If the goal is getting your work out there and into the hands of your audience, audiobooks are the easiest path to take. Of course, you will need some help.

Audiobook Distributors Support Your Efforts

Distributing your work as an audiobook can be simplified if you are connected with a reliable distributor. Even if you do the entire production on your own, it is necessary to connect to choose one of the audiobook distributors to get your work out there.

There are two major reasons you need to connect with a distributor. The first is that they already have a built-in client base. Another important consideration is that they manage the financial end of things. Audiobook distributors pay you “royalties” every time someone downloads your work. For example, Audible (the largest distributor) will pay you 45% of the download costs if you are exclusive with them (25% if you are not).

Audible is not the only audiobook distributor by far. There are many, many distributors to choose from. Researching which distributor can effectively handle your work while delivering a nice royalty is essential to ensure you are getting the most benefits out of the agreement.

Audiobook distributors can make getting your work into the hands of your audience easy. This partnership can be the catalyst for finding the success you have always imagined. Choose the right partner and watch your career take off.

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