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Why the Audio Production Value of an Indie Audiobook Matters

Why the Audio Production Value of an Indie Audiobook Matters

Sep 22nd 2021

If you're considering recording and releasing your own audiobook, you may be wondering whether it's worth it to go into a professional studio versus just recording it at home on basic equipment. However, the differences in quality between amateur and professional recordings are drastic enough that you should choose a professional recording. Here are a few reasons you should prioritize a high audio production value for your indie audiobook.

Experienced Audiobook Listeners Know the Difference

With the number of audiobooks available nowadays, many listeners have specific preferences when it comes to the audio quality of what they're listening to. If your audiobook has poor recording quality and audio production, many listeners will be able to tell. This could lead to people giving your audiobook bad reviews or even returning it to their audiobook provider, which you obviously want to avoid.

Audio Quality Should Hold Up On Different Devices

There are many different ways to listen to audiobooks nowadays -- from car speakers to phone speakers to headphones and more, and you want your audiobook to sound good on all of them. Almost half of the people who own smart speakers will use them for audiobooks, and others will listen using their headphones while walking or running, so you want to be sure that the audio production is good enough to go from one speaker type to another without sacrificing any of the quality.

High-Quality Audio Shows Your Time and Effort

When you invest in high-quality audio production for your indie audiobook, you're not just making your book sound better -- you're also showing that you care about the project. Audiobook publishing is a process that has many steps, and if you cut corners during those steps, it shows in your final product. Low-quality audio can show that you didn't put the time and effort into recording your audiobook, and listeners will be able to tell and may not want to listen to your book because of it.

When you're recording your independent audiobook, it's important to make sure you're investing in the quality of your audio production. Once your book is being shared via different audiobook distributors and enjoyed by listeners, you'll be glad that you invested in the production of your audiobook.

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