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Who Listens To Audiobooks? A Look At The Market

Who Listens To Audiobooks? A Look At The Market

Oct 18th 2021

Audiobooks have become a fast-growing market. People still read eBooks rather than listen to an audiobook, but audiobooks are the second-highest format for book-selling. There is a lot to learn about an audiobook listener.

Who Listens to Audiobooks?

People of all ages listen to audiobooks. However, the age group that makes up 57% of frequent listeners is under 45 years old. It turns out that women ranging from ages 30 to 49 are the most popular listeners. Businessmen used to make up a larger number, listening to audiobooks while commuting to and from work and business trips.

Now the average listener has expanded to include active people who grab an audiobook to listen to while doing chores, working, and while playing sports. Audiobooks are for a wide range of people, including those with failing eyesight. The importance of audiobooks for disabled people continues to grow, as well. Currently, people are listening to 8.1 audiobooks annually.

Printed Books Vs. Audiobooks

Per a survey conducted in 2019, 20% of people stated they had enjoyed at least one audiobook, while 65% of people stated they read a print book. Printed books are still popular and outrank audiobooks. However, there is a huge growth in the market for audiobooks with double-digit growth in revenue for 8 consecutive years.

Audiobooks have become a 1.3-billion-dollar industry in the United States as of 2020, yet eBooks averaged 1.1 billion in revenue. Interestingly enough, more eBooks were read. Audiobooks claimed a bigger industry revenue due to the higher price, making them the top industry.

Books Are More-Easily Consumed in the Audiobook Format

While print books are not a dying format, audiobooks are a relaxing way to immerse yourself in a good book. Many people enjoy purchasing both audiobooks and print book formats. Thankfully, you won't be running out of audiobooks to purchase. Over the years, the number of audiobooks released has only increased. The statistics below mark the increase.

  • 2011 – 7,237 Published
  • 2012 – 16,309 Published
  • 2016 to 2018 – 42,000 Published
  • 2020 – 71,000 Published

It's clear that audiobooks aren't going anywhere. In fact, the numbers suggest that the audiobook market will continue to experience growth for years to come.

Do you listen to audiobooks? If you have not tried audiobooks, you are missing out on an entertaining and delightful way to consume books. Once you've listened to one audiobook, you'll find you want to listen to more. Find your favorite printed books in audio format and be introduced to them in a new way all over again.

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