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Three of the Most Common FAQs Audio Production Services Hear

Three of the Most Common FAQs Audio Production Services Hear

Nov 19th 2021

Taking advantage of professional audio production service is the single best way to get the results you are hoping for. Many clients ask the same questions about audio production. Here are the top three questions to provide some clarity.

Do I Need to Keep My Headphones On All the Time?

Headphones clue you into any mistakes that you may be making. Both inside the studio and outside the studio in the field, you should keep your headphones on. Headphones provide instant feedback and keep you focused and provide different perspectives on the recording.

What is the Difference Between Normal and Professional Microphones and Speakers?

There are a lot of clients that ask about microphones and speakers, both a very important part of audio services. First, there is a huge difference in sound between a residential type of smart speaker that around 60% of people have and a studio-quality speaker. There is also a wide range of differences in microphones.

Microphones are powerful tools in audio production services because they can capture sound differently and greatly affect the result. There are several different types of microphones designed to deliver different results. Choosing the right microphone is essential to getting the best results.

The audio production service technician is well studied in which microphone will give the best results based on what is being recorded. High-quality equipment that is specific to the application is essential for audio production that sounds professional.

What Recording Levels Are Best?

Everyone has questions about target levels. The sweet spot for recording speech is usually around -15 to -12 dBFS, but that is a general range that may not be ideal for you. You must play around with the levels to find your personal sweet spot. Many clients make the mistake of thinking that if they record at lower levels it will somehow cancel out background noise. Recording at lower levels does not cancel out background noise.

One of the easiest ways to produce audio content and get professional results is to work with a professional audio production service. The right team will be able to answer all your audio questions. Learn more about our audio production team and how they can help you to produce polished content.

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