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4 Tips For Creating Audio Tour Recordings For Your Museum

4 Tips For Creating Audio Tour Recordings For Your Museum

Sep 22nd 2021

If you're in charge of helping improve the guest experience at a museum, audio tour recordings are a great option. Audio tours allow your guests to learn more about the museum at their own pace as well as allowing them to pick and choose what parts of the museum they want to learn more about. These audio tour recording tips will help you improve your guests' experience.

Make Sure the Audio is High Quality

High-quality audio production is one of the best ways to entice guests to continue to listen to the audio tours you have available. Poor quality audio can be a big deterrent for many people, so having audio that sounds good while educating guests is key to visitors enjoying your audio tours.

Keep the Volume Consistent

If you're having multiple narrators or different sections of your audio tour, you want to make sure that your audio's volumes won't be fluctuating too much. There's nothing worse than having overly quiet audio suddenly become very loud -- it can be very jarring for a listener. Although this may not cause hearing loss like akin to standing in front of speakers at a concert, which can cause hearing loss in as little as 7.5 minutes, it can still turn a listener away from your audio tour recording.

Mix Fun Facts With Basic Information

Visitors are coming to your museum to both learn and for entertainment value, so your audio tour recording should reflect that. When you create and record audio tours for your museum, try to throw in a few fun facts wherever possible along with the actual meat of the information.

Record in Multiple Languages

You never know where guests at your museums may be coming from. Choosing to record not only in English but in other languages, like Spanish or French, can make your audio tour recordings more accessible for your guests.

Recording an audio tour for your museum is a great way to allow your guests to learn more about your collection without having to wait for an organized tour. If you want help from an experienced audio recording studio with your audio tour, Lantern Audio has the team to help you. Get in contact with us today to learn more about how we can help you with recording audio tours.

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