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3 Tips For Getting Your Audiobook Made

3 Tips For Getting Your Audiobook Made

Oct 18th 2021

The demand for audiobooks has been increasing, and if you're looking to make an audiobook, you'll be pleased to know the market is there. According to the latest statistics, audiobook sales jumped by 16% in the US to generate a revenue of over $1.2 billion. Below are the top tips for getting your audiobook made.

Hire a Professional Narrator

Many authors wonder if it's possible to narrate their own books. While it's possible, working with a professional narrator is generally the better choice. That's because the process of recording your own audiobook can be quite time-consuming if you don't have the necessary experience.

Plus, you also have to factor in quality. Sure, you have a great voice, and narrating your book looks like it will be a breeze. But consider that professionals have specialized voice training and have experience with the microphone and breathing techniques needed to make a great audiobook.

By hiring a professional narrator, you save time and money while ending up with an audiobook that sounds awesome.

Do Your Research to Protect Your Rights

When you decide to make an audiobook, no doubt, your main motivation is increasing your revenue. To ensure that you get every buck that's meant for you, be sure to research your audio rights. Keep in mind there are legalities involved with audiobook production, and it's important for you to protect your investment.

If you're aware of your intellectual and financial rights, you'll be in a better position to negotiate your contract. This ensures you avoid financial losses and get paid fairly when the royalties start coming in.

Work With an Audiobook Publisher

Of course, you always have the choice to publish it yourself, but working with an audiobook publisher helps to streamline the process. A reputable audiobook publisher will also offer producing and distributing services that make life easier.

You will work with experienced staff that understands the technicalities involved with publishing an audiobook. They are also creative professionals that will be able to share your vision. The other benefit of working with an audiobook publisher is they understand the audiobook market and will leverage this knowledge to ensure the launch of your audio is a success.

Working with an audiobook publisher and getting your audiobook made can help you make more money by reaching a wider audience. Even some people who don't consider themselves book readers enjoy listening to audiobooks on the go!

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