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Gatekeeper Press and Lantern Audiobooks have partnered to provide Gatekeeper Press' authors with audiobook production and distribution services. Through Lantern's Independent Publishing division we provide all authors with the personalized service to take you every step of the way in creating and distributing your audiobook.

Production Services: Every author we work with has access to the same team of award winning narrators and producers as on our major publishing clients and titles. Whether you need someone to fulfill every part of the process or just one specific step, we are here to help. The production services we provide authors include:

  • We will cast a professional narrator(s) that matches the vision you have for your audiobook.
  • Or we can record and direct the author, themselves, narrating their own book.
  • We will record the narration either in our own high-tech studios or partner with a studio in the author's home city.
  • Our team of studio producers and engineers will ensure your audiobook matches the quality of the source material.

Distribution Services: Lantern Audiobooks has made the process of getting your audiobook to the listener as easy as possible. Distributing through Lantern Audiobooks means you only have to work with one contact and still have your audiobook appear in over a dozen audiobook stores and websites, including both direct to consumer and library services. The benefits of distributing your audiobook through us include:

  • You retain 80% of all revenue received.
  • Distributing on our own storefront,, will give you the most flexibility and greatest revenue stream possible.
  • You can offer and control discounts, complimentary downloads, and other promotional offerings through the Lantern Audiobooks store.
  • You have full control of what platforms your audiobook appears on.
  • We can assist you with services like the creation or adaptation of your cover artwork.
  • We can assist you in ensuring all audio files are formatted for each platform's specifications.
  • We will ensure you have everything you need to sell your audiobook (e.g. ISBN specifically for audiobook sales).
  • Our distribution platforms include:

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