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AUTHORS: Are you a writer considering turning your book into an audiobook? Click here for information on producing your audiobook with Lantern Independent Publishing.
NARRATORS: Are you a voice actor? Click here for information on becoming a narrator for Lantern.
PUBLISHERS: From small presses to the world's biggest imprints, click here to find out why publishers love working with Lantern.
DISTRIBUTION: With partnerships in place around the world, click here to see why Lantern is your best choice to make sure your work is available wherever audiobooks are found.
Let us take your narrative to new heights and create a listening experience that will keep your audience captivated chapter to chapter.
We do it all.

NARRATORS: Finding the Right Voice
Our narrators have a variety of backgrounds, accents, and areas of expertise. We'll read your book and submit for your selection three or four voices that best represent the voice of your story. 
RECORDING: Capturing the Story
From our state-of-the-art recording studio to expert field technicians, we’ll make sure your listeners don’t miss a single syllable.
QUALITY CONTROL: Ensuring Perfection
When we've completed the recording, we’ll do a full, quality-control "listen" and make all of the necessary corrections.
MASTERING: Finishing Touches
This is where it all comes together, bringing clarity, and consistency into perfect harmony. Your audience will hear exactly what you want them to hear, never more, never less.
DISTRIBUTION: We bring it to the world
At the end of production, you'll receive an mp3 master. We can also manage full distribution for you: Audible, iTunes, OverDrive, Downpour, Scribd, B&N, TuneIn, HOOPLA,, and
and more!
Any questions? Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you achieve your perfect audiobook!

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