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Audio Tour System

Lantern has two proven self-guided audio tour players for visitor use. We will help you determine what is the most appropriate option for your institution based on their technological features and your personal preferences.

Audio Tour System


Key Features:
  • 18 hour standard use on a single charge
  • Visitors can choose to use either the inbuilt speaker or connect 1 or 2 headphones for personal or shared use
  • Can support up to 32 languages and 9,999 tour stops per language
  • Content can be self-guided or triggered with IR beacons
  • Built-in security system (requires discreet exit trigger)
  • Modular charging system allows for quick and easy charging and content updates
  • Content Management System software is included at no additional cost
  • Can be used as a Group Tour System with 1 or 2 docents per group
    • GTS docents can lead with live commentary with a microphone, group leader triggered content, or a combination
    • Triggered content is heard in visitor’s chosen language
  • OmniGuide is built with access in mind
    • Telephone style keypad with raised dots to identify the #5
    • HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) speaker built-in
    • GTS or triggered content allows for hands free operation
  • Provides data to analyze tour use and visitor behavior
  • Synchs to in-gallery videos (perfect for translated or AD alternative audio tracks)
  • Can be incorporated into multilingual transmissions from boat, bus, or tram tours (triggered by GPS or by tour guide)


Key Features:
  • 12+ hours standard use on a single charge
  • Visitors can choose to use either the inbuilt speaker or connect to headphones
  • Vivid, high-resolution color 2.4" LCD screen
  • Screen supports images and text
  • Can be structured as a linear or random access tour
  • Support multiple languages
  • High-definition audio chip
  • Lightweight construction and a slim, elegant design
  • The XP3 was designed with access in mind
  • Built from high-tensile, virtually unbreakable, plastic to withstand the toughest on-site conditions

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