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The Invention of Man

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Kostas Thermogiannis
George Mourtzis
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Title Synopsis:
Man existed until the days of Homer, but perhaps without realizing that behind the face of man there is something deeper and stronger than the sun that extinguishes the darkness. That in his veins flows the essence of gods of omnipotence that can bestow upon him the power of either destruction or creation.

Man can become a beast or a doctor who offers healing, a dogmatic who sees into a black hole or a free light giver who pushes the world forward with the power of imagination. That's exactly what Homer did, and even though they don't teach it in schools, he took the ephemeral man and made him eternal.

Odysseus wove into history the matter and the spirit, his inherent weakness and his hard strength, his imperfections and his determination, and showed the way to the perfect man. As perfect as man can be. Ithaca is not just a journey, it is the constant effort of consciousness to remain human and not to mutate into a monster.

Author Bio:

Kostas Thermogiannis was born in the summer of 1973. He lives with his family and works in Lamia. He is involved in writing and reading and in the beginning of 2013 he created the website His writings have been published in many literary online magazines. His articles are published in the printed political press as well as on online news websites. He has written the books "Parade in Time" (2013), "Tadinio, the Smiling Shell" (2014), "The Teacher and the Mirror" (2015) and "Helen" (2017) and has participated in several collective editions.
He maintains the website

Author: Kostas Thermogiannis
Narrator: George Mourtzis

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 4:57:59

ISBN: 9786182100653

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