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Plato - Symposium

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John Karamfilis
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Title Synopsis:
Plato's Symposium is one of the top creations of the ancient Greek and human spirit in general. With its interest in the subject at the heart of its concern, its richness of content and its artistic form (as thought and reason are interwoven in a stunning unity, perhaps more than in any other philosophical writing), it has won the recognition and admiration of people of genuine intellectual interests and emotional sensitivity. At the same time it has been a constant challenge, even from antiquity, for philosophers and philologists to turn to a multifaceted and in-depth study of the work: they have identified the problems of understanding and tried to provide satisfactory answers. I shall attempt to give a concise account of the results of the philological and philosophical research of the Symposium in the pages that follow, beginning with the very useful, always useful, onomatopoeic visitation, concerning the title of the Platonic work.

Author Bio:

Plato (427 - 347 BC) was one of the most prominent ancient Greek philosophers and is considered the founder of Western philosophy. Plato's biography represents an important source for understanding ancient philosophy and Greek cultural heritage. Born in Athens, Plato was a student of Socrates and founder of the Academy, a renowned school that operated for nearly 900 years. Plato's works cover a wide range of subjects, including politics, ethics, metaphysics, the theory of knowledge and the philosophy of art.  One of his best-known works is the Politia, in which he describes the ideal state and seeks justice. Also, "Phaedo" deals with the immortality of the soul and "Symposium" examines the nature of love. Plato's thought had a great influence on later philosophers and even on modern philosophy. His theories of idea, truth and the soul remain the subject of research and debate. His contribution to philosophy and ancient cultural heritage is significant. He is a source of inspiration and learning for the modern generation, since the wealth of his ideas deserves to be disseminated and studied further.

Author: Plato

Narrator: John Karamfilis

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 7:02:57

ISBN: 9789606491160

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