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Now and Zen

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Aggelos Bakas
Ioli Tsolka
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Title Synopsis:
Most of the stories that follow are a reflection of the thoughts that emerged when writing my book Silent Bou (in Greek), published in 2018 by Editions Elkistis. Several of these appeared at that time in my dreams; others come from direct experience, others, mainly dialogues, from lessons I learned in my personal research. Nevertheless, the stories are supported by a consistent philosophical and spiritual backbone.

Author Bio:

Aggelos Bakas lives in Thessaloniki. He has written the books "Secret Parables, "The Weapon of the Nebeligereti", "The Sex of Life and Death", and "Now and Zen - Lessons of a reluctant ascetic" (also in English). In 2014 he researched, wrote and designed the foreign language tourist guides "Lesvos for Real" and "Chios for Real". He was editor, designer and publisher of the magazine for design and typography "Acro" (1997-2004), and designer of digital fonts under the general title Acrofonts. He worked as a freelance designer and taught graphic design, typography and visual communication at universities and schools in Greece, the UK and Cyprus. In 2010 he completed his professional career with the book collection of the most important graphic design works "Thessaloniki Graphic Design 1980-2009", as head of the editorial team of the Red Creative office that carried out the publication. Since then he has been exclusively engaged in writing.

Author: Aggelos Bakas

Narrator: Ioli Tsolka

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 0:33:01

ISBN: 9786182100677

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