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Epictetus - Handbook

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Theocharis Charitonidis
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Title Synopsis:
Stoicism was the philosophical current which predominantly expresses the Hellenistic and Roman period, up to the end of the 2nd century AD. As the city-state lost its political power, the importance of the integration of the citizen into its institutions diminished. In the Hellenistic megacities, moreover, the Macedonian royal dynasties ruled, which were then replaced by the Romans. The man of that time felt alone in the face of developments which he was unable to influence. Therefore, philosophical systems turned attention to the inner man, who had to seek bliss independently of external conditions and by his own means. This is what both Stoicism and Epicureanism sought to do.

Author Bio:

Epictetus (55 - 135 AD) was one of the leading scientists and philosophers of antiquity. He was known for his approach to science and ethics, and for his influence on Stoic philosophy. Born in ancient Alexandria, Epictetus began his philosophical career as a student of the philosopher Museson. Later, he developed his own Stoic philosophy, developing a system of principles and values that influenced many. Epictetus' works include the "Manual" and the "Diatribes", which deal with ethics and spiritual development. These works provide advice on dealing with life's challenges and achieving happiness through piety and virtue. Epictetus has also shown an interest in physics and astronomy, with the writing of his "Cosmography" and "Exercise in Astronomy". These works highlight his approach to science and philosophy, promoting critical thinking and observation.  His influence on Stoic philosophy and his approach to science continue to inspire and influence modern thought and lifestyle.

Author: Epictetus

Narrator: Theocharis Charitonidis

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 5:58:11

ISBN: 9789606491153

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