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Cavafy's Love

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Konstantinos Kavafis
Natasa Daliaka
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Title Synopsis:
There is something Platonic in Cavafy's love, which wants him to be not the offspring of Aphrodite but of Pena, and as such, love in Cavafy's man is experienced as deprivation. In the face of this unfulfillment, the poet (re)shapes bodies as instruments of freedom in his otherwise heavy monasticism. While with memory, he takes refuge in the chamber of an ideal past that resists the ravages of time, ensuring the desire for the beautiful, the eternally sweet and unadulterated. In the book at hand we have gathered all those voluptuous and erotic of Cavafy's poems, thus composing a literary journey into the mystical desires of the human soul, as mapped by one of the greatest poets of Hellenism.


Author Bio:

Konstantinos Kavafis (Alexandria, 29 April 1863 (d.d.) - 29 April 1933) was one of the most important Greek poets of the modern era. Born into a family of merchant magnates who fell out of favour, Cavafy took up journalism to 'get into politics', but gave it up to serve for 30 years as a paid employee in a government office dependent on the Egyptian Ministry of Public Works. Outwardly at least, Cavafy's life was solitary, 'neat and pedestrian', and 'spectacular and terrible'. Perhaps memorable are some of the peculiarities of his life, such as that he never turned on the electricity in his house, and lit with the legendary candles; or that he left a small but not insignificant fortune on his death, as well as a related memorandum on his financial activities - but above all a Poetry Archive neatly arranged with the care of an excellent clerk, ready to receive the scholars of his work. Finally, his erotic peculiarity is notorious: he was suspected of homosexuality. Another rumour should not be overlooked, however, according to which Alekos Segopoulos, an admirer of poetry and the principal heir to the will, was Kavadis' son. If anything is impressive about his life, it is that he was totally devoted to his work. The same devotion is suggested by his publishing idiosyncrasy: although he published regularly, Cavafy never published a book of his own, but printed his poems in single leaves which he bound together, and then he would hand these improvised 'collections' to acquaintances and friends or send them to interested parties who asked to know his work.

Author: Konstantinos Kavafis
Narrator: Natasa Daliaka

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 0:38:29

ISBN: 9789606260667

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