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Blood Does Not Become Water?

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Michael Rallis
Penny Dalkou
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Title Synopsis:
Nefeli, at the beginning of her fourth decade of life, feels that she is facing a dead end. Although she has always stood by her parents and brother, putting them first in her priorities, she is marginalized because she has decided to differentiate herself and make decisions in accordance with her own wishes for the first time.

Drawing on her personal experience, she begins a struggle to overcome worries, guilt and health problems that present themselves to her, discovering a plethora of similar cases to her. These new experiences help her to approach reality more objectively and to make changes in the way she deals with situations.

The book tries to outline the path taken by someone who feels betrayed and disappointed by her own family. On a second level, to describe and emphasize human characters and behaviors so that they can be more easily recognized and avoided. On a third level, to show that the phenomenon is very common, just hidden because it is taboo, especially in more traditional and closed societies.

Its ultimate aim is to suggest changes in the relationships between family members - for those who at least wish to have a solid foundation - leading each of us to stages of self-awareness and self-improvement.

Author Bio:

Michalis Rallis was born in 1977 in Giannitsa, where he completed his compulsory education. In 1999 he graduated from the Pedagogical School of Florina and after completing his military service he started his professional career as a teacher. Realizing that the teaching profession should not be limited to the classroom, but can have an impact on the whole society as an institution of creating new knowledge, he attends educational conferences and workshops, participating in their Organizing Committees and publishing relevant contributions. In 2013 she attended a postgraduate course at the University of Nicosia in Education Sciences entitled: Educational Leadership and Administration, where she graduated in 2015 with an Honours degree. In 2017 he was awarded with distinction his second Master's degree in Education Sciences with the title: Educational Technology with Distinction. His two postgraduate degrees were not the end of his professional development, but he continued to seek knowledge and answers to educational concerns by attending long-term training seminars. At the present moment, life finds him married to a rare woman, Xanthi, and two amazing children, Maria-Theodora and Stelios. The book "Blood does not become water(?)" is his first attempt to express himself more freely, something that was not possible when writing scientific works, but without departing from their methodology. Thus, he uses the case study technique to draw conclusions from real-life cases and help the reader to guide his self-improvement.

Author: Michael Rallis
Narrator: Penny Dalkou

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 3:45:47

ISBN: 9786182100660

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