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Aristotle - On the Soul

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Theocharis Charitonidis
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Title Synopsis:
A few years after the first edition of "On the Soul" -one of the most important works of the great philosopher Aristotle- and the successive reissues brought by the excellent acceptance and demand of its numerous readers, ZITROS Publications with great satisfaction and pleasure proceeds to a completely renewed and complete in every respect edition of the work.
The entirely new, extensive and fully documented Introduction that precedes the text and the translation and the enrichment with many more notes and comments - philosophical, hermeneutical, factual, philological - upgrade and complete the volume in every respect, so that the general and special audience can now even more easily approach the thought of the Stagirite philosopher, delve into the difficult philosophical concepts and the proposed interpretations, refer to the notes and comments that follow the text, facilitate their understanding, enrich their knowledge and develop their own thinking and reflection.
With Aristotle's On the Psyche, Psychology becomes for the first time an independent science and the psychic functions are analyzed, largely from a physical and biological point of view - as the principle of all that has movement and life - with the aim of exploring its essence and what happens in it, and in the belief that such knowledge contributes most to the understanding of truth. This extremely difficult subject, which has not ceased and will continue to occupy philosophers and scientists to this day, is analyzed in a series of problems-such as: what is the soul, what is the most appropriate method of investigating it, what is its relation to the body, what are its properties and manifestations, whether it is unified or has parts, whether it exists independently of the body, how the five senses and the common speech function, the question of truth and falsehood, how the mind constitutes general concepts.
With this publication, Dr. Alexia Dotsika concludes and presents us with a long and thorough research on Aristotle and especially on "On the Soul", which she completes with extensive comments, an index of names and concepts, as well as an extensive and rich bibliography, following the text and the translation.

Author Bio:

Aristotle (384-322 BC) was one of the most prominent philosophers, scientists and students of Plato. He was also known as the father of Western philosophy and the founder of the Aristotelian school. His contributions to philosophy, logic, politics, physics, ethics and many other fields of knowledge were many and varied. Born in Stagira in ancient Greece, Aristotle was a student of Plato at the Academy of Athens for twenty years. Later, he founded his own school, Peripatos, where he taught his students for thirteen years. His works cover a wide range of subjects and have had a significant impact on human thought. Aristotle's thought and influence are still alive today. His ideas are still widely studied within philosophy, science and ethics.

Author: Aristotle

Narrator: Theocharis Charitonidis

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 10:47:51

ISBN: 9789606491177

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