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A Moment More

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Evi Dourgouti
Elena Anastasiadou
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Title Synopsis:
Just before he breathes his last breath, he is lost in the paths of memories that return at the last moment. His entire life passes before his eyes like a dream. Orphanhood, abandonment, love, betrayal, all in a tangle. At the same time, a woman, overwhelmed by the recent revelations, begs to keep him alive and desperately asks for one more moment to be able to tell him what he has failed to do for years, to reveal to him all the plots unknowingly planned by an envious fate. But is just one moment enough to correct the mistakes that have indelibly marked so many lives?

Author Bio:

Evi Dourgouti was born in January 1992 in Soufli where she lives with her husband and their two daughters. She is a graduate of the Pedagogical Department of Kindergarten at the University of Ioannina and a postgraduate student of the Creative Writing Department of the Hellenic Open University. From a very young age she loved literature and experimented with various forms of writing. Her short stories are included in collective publications, while her novels, "The Dance of Fire" and "A Moment More" are published by Pnoi. "Don't be angry, you Angry Boy!" is her first children's book and is also published by Pnoi.

Author: Evi Dourgouti
Narrator: Elena Anastasiadou

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 7:10:29

ISBN: 9786185520557

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